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I think I’m a Hipster

November 21, 2011

Here are my symptoms

Phase one what i look like

I am a slightly overweight guy. who has yet to shave for the past 2 months,(what can i say i hate exercise(though most never get around to it) and like the furry look(i am not a plushie)) my wardrobe contains a series of plain black T-shirts,(i don’t like advertising other peoples stuff) assorted weird coloured T-shirts with skulls and words like Tokyo on them, (as well as other things that i Don’t know the meaning of) Black jeans and many blue ripped jeans (i did not buy them that way) and three dress back shirts that i use as causal clothes mostly over my black T-shirts

Phase two Hobbies
i do not own a TV though i do watch allot of TV shows online. I hate adds.
I don’t tend to listen to allot music (weird AL the exception) but I am kind of obsessed podcast and there are allot of them to listen too

Phase three employment
I have no job at the moment but am studying writing and constantly looking for the job that i can be an asshole, and still get paid

now tell me people of the interwebs does this make me one of the oh so hip hipsters
or just a ransom weirdo


So your A god

March 28, 2010

No not me I’m not a god and your not ether, that tall guy with with the big white beard your not a god so stop whinging about it, oh but you the viking with all the static around him holding the big really cool hammer now you a god.

When OLd freinds yet bored