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Chapter 24: Horse horse time

July 30, 2017

funny whimsical book

Marisa Alice[Previous][TOC][Next] Chapter is edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 24: Horse horse time

(うま うま タイム: Uma uma taimu , “uma” mean horse, taimu is how japanese pronoun time)
“I know where horses are gathering! I will show you!”
That said, Oswald-kun makes the face of the smiling cow. It was a smart smile like a mascot character of a butcher shop.
In addition, Oswald-kun extended a hand to me and said, “Please get on!” It is a gentlemanly response.
He might be more of a gentleman than other men. At least, he is more a gentleman than a person who suddenly tried to marry me.
When I sit down on the palm of his hand, he raised his hand to his shoulder, and I move to sit on his shoulder.
Without even saying it, the desire to ride has come true. It’s a little fun.

Arge Oswald“I will walk…

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