My name is Scott Zapper and this is a blog that is all about my content. Specifically my writing naturaly that is not my real name if you really what to know it there are simple ways to find it

For the past three years, I have been on a long journey trying to find out what will be my future profession. Be that in the media or in what i call the dull but easy I.T industry. So since leaving high school I have done a numerous courses all in an effort to gain some kind of place in the media industry my latest attempt is going better than the film, web development and Photography I have tried in the past.

The vocation is writer in any way shape and form, though I have to say my favourite would have to be script writing. But the novel I am developing has promise at least in my eyes if not in others. But on the most part this blog is to keep myself writing. So my skills in said area can develop even if there is no one out there listening, as reading as the case may be.

So this blog will be dedicated to

  • Rants
  • Articles
  • Reviewing
  • Short Stories
  • Character development
  • Humour
  • Really Strange Shit
  • My war on all thing’s religious
  • And yarrr the sceptic’s life for me

And my quest to confuse the world for it is impossible to be normal even to try is pointless.

This all coming from a very odd person and that’s in his own eyes.


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