Chapter 24: Horse horse time

July 30, 2017

funny whimsical book

Marisa Alice[Previous][TOC][Next] Chapter is edited (Editor: m33b00)

Chapter 24: Horse horse time

(うま うま タイム: Uma uma taimu , “uma” mean horse, taimu is how japanese pronoun time)
“I know where horses are gathering! I will show you!”
That said, Oswald-kun makes the face of the smiling cow. It was a smart smile like a mascot character of a butcher shop.
In addition, Oswald-kun extended a hand to me and said, “Please get on!” It is a gentlemanly response.
He might be more of a gentleman than other men. At least, he is more a gentleman than a person who suddenly tried to marry me.
When I sit down on the palm of his hand, he raised his hand to his shoulder, and I move to sit on his shoulder.
Without even saying it, the desire to ride has come true. It’s a little fun.

Arge Oswald“I will walk…

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I think I’m a Hipster

November 21, 2011

Here are my symptoms

Phase one what i look like

I am a slightly overweight guy. who has yet to shave for the past 2 months,(what can i say i hate exercise(though most never get around to it) and like the furry look(i am not a plushie)) my wardrobe contains a series of plain black T-shirts,(i don’t like advertising other peoples stuff) assorted weird coloured T-shirts with skulls and words like Tokyo on them, (as well as other things that i Don’t know the meaning of) Black jeans and many blue ripped jeans (i did not buy them that way) and three dress back shirts that i use as causal clothes mostly over my black T-shirts

Phase two Hobbies
i do not own a TV though i do watch allot of TV shows online. I hate adds.
I don’t tend to listen to allot music (weird AL the exception) but I am kind of obsessed podcast and there are allot of them to listen too

Phase three employment
I have no job at the moment but am studying writing and constantly looking for the job that i can be an asshole, and still get paid

now tell me people of the interwebs does this make me one of the oh so hip hipsters
or just a ransom weirdo


The Creepy Guy

May 8, 2010

this is the mighty montage


So your A god

March 28, 2010

No not me I’m not a god and your not ether, that tall guy with with the big white beard your not a god so stop whinging about it, oh but you the viking with all the static around him holding the big really cool hammer now you a god.

When OLd freinds yet bored



my tag line

March 9, 2010

you should note it is impossible to be normal

that means we are abnormal or weird but if we are all weird

that means it is normal not to be normal because we are all weird and not normal